FSU’s recruiting needs for 2022 class

Tuesday, June 1 is the start of on-campus contact between coaches and prospects. We take a position by position look at the commits, targets and available prospects in the 2022 class.

Quarterbacks (2)

Florida State added grad transfer McKenzie Milton from the University of Central Florida. Before his devastating knee injury, Milton was one of the best quarterbacks in the country. If the Seminoles can get 70-80 percent of what Milton was before they should put up impressive numbers offensively in 2021. The question is what happens after Milton leaves? The Seminoles will return Jordan Travis, Tate Rodemaker and Chubby Purdy in 2021. They will also add into the mix two freshman quarterbacks who are both committed at this time: AJ Duffy and Nicco Marchiol. If either of these two prospects bolt from FSU’s class, there will be options like Davin Wydner (Cocoa), Zion Turner (Saint Thomas Aquinas) or maybe even a sleeper pick like Fernando Mendoza of Miami’s Christopher Columbus HS. 

On the Recruiting Board

·         AJ Duffy: (4) 6’2-205  (Rancho Verde-Transfer to IMG) (Committed to FSU) 

·         Nicco Marchiol: (4) 6’2-220 (Hamilton HS, Arizona) (Committed to FSU)

·         MJ Morris: (4) 6’1-175 (Pace Academy, GA) 

Under the Radar Options

·         Davin Wydner: (3) 6’5-220 (Cocoa HS)

·         Zion Turner: (4) 6’1-190 (Saint Thomas Aquinas HS)

·         Fernando Mendoza: (3) 6’4-210 (Christopher Columbus HS)  

Running backs (1-2)

Florida State has had backs like Dalvin Cook, Cam Akers and Devonta Freeman over the past decade. FSU returns a deep group of backs with Jashaun Corbin, Lawrance Toafili, TreShaun Ward, Deonte Sheffield, Jakhi Douglas and Corey Wren. FSU added a transfer in DJ Williams. That is seven backs that could return in 2022. We expect attrition. FSU needs a  big-time back that has some game breaking ability. Damari Alston is at the top of their recruiting board. Kaytron Allen is a guy they would like to land but is that possible? Jaylon Glover is a back they have flirted with but it would not shock us to see him end up in someone else class. The Seminoles need a back but they can also be selective come NSD. 

On the Recruiting Board

·         Damari Alston: (4) 5’10-205 (Woodward Academy, GA) 

·         Kaytron Allen: (4) 5’11-210 (IMG Academy)

·         Jaylon Glover: (3) 5’9-195 (Lake Gibson HS) 

·         Terrance Gibbs: (4) 6’0-190 (Winter Park HS) 

·         Kedrick Debron: (3) 6’0-200 (Gadsden County FL) 

Under the Radar Options

·         Maurice Jones: (3) 5’9-185 (Killian HS) 

·         Anthony Hankerson: (3) 5’9-190 (Saint Thomas Aquinas HS)

Wide receivers (2-3)

The Seminoles added grad transfer Andrew Parchment. They also signed three receivers in the 2021 class: Destyn Hill, Joshua Burrell and Malik McClain. The latter two decided to showcase their talents in FSU spring game. Hopefully they can carry that success into the fall. One thing FSU needs is some playmakers at receiver. They have added some speed with Devaughn Mortimer’s commitment. He has run the 100 meters in less than 10.8 seconds. The crown jewel of FSU’s class would be five-star receiver Kevin Coleman. The talented receiver is from Missouri and the Seminoles will have to battle powerhouse Alabama for him. 

On the Recruiting Board

·         Devaughn Mortimer: (3) 5’9-160 (Dillard, Fort Lauderdale) (Committed to FSU)

·         Kevin Coleman: (5) 5’11-170 (St. Mary’s, St. Louis Missouri)

·         Kaden Saunders: (4) 5’10-175 (Westerville South, Ohio) (Committed to Penn State)

·         Jayden Gibson: (3) 6’4-185 (West Orange HS) 

·         Joanes Fortlien: (3) 6’3-210 (Orlando Dr. Phillips HS)

Under the Radar Options

·         Greg Gaines: (4) 6’2-175 (Tampa Bay Tech, HS) 

·         Tajh Sanders: (3) 5’11-175 (Valdosta, GA)

·         Leroy Paige: (3) 6’4-200 (Dr. Martin Luther King JR) 

Tight ends (2)

Coach Mike Norvell is big on using tight ends in his offense. It is often as a part of the run game, where he demands his tight ends to be very good blockers. He also wants them to be a big part of his passing offense. FSU has landed a commitment from Brian Courtney, who is listed as an athlete. He could possibly end up a tight end or go over to defense and play linebacker. Jaleel Skinner is the top target for the Seminoles and he is very keen on the ideal of playing at FSU. Marcus Peterson is a wide receiver who will convert into a tight end. Land Skinner and Peterson and FSU’s problems at this position go away. 

On the Recruiting Board

·         Jaleel Skinner: (4) 6’5-210 (Greer HS, South Carolina)

·         Marcus Peterson: (3) 6’4-200 (Lake City Columbia HS) 

·         Jack Pedersen: (4) 6’4-255 (Bradenton IMG Academy)

·         Blake Gunter: (3) 6’3-230 (Madison Central, Madison, MS)

Under the Radar Options

·         Amari Niblack: (3) 6’4-215 (Lakewood, HS)

·         Jackson Long: (3) 6’5-220 (Beech, HS)

Offensive tackles (2-3)

FSU has a major need for offensive tackles. Did we mention FSU has a major need at offensive tackle? Aliou Bah is a big kid who has shed a ton of weight this off-season. He has gotten much better at moving laterally. He is a prospect who could develop into a right tackle. There is always the chance he also plays inside at guard. Elijah Pritchett is priority No. 1 for FSU. He is well thought of but the chances of playing early is what is enticing to Elijah. Drew Shelton will block for AJ Duffy at IMG. Duffy is trying to recruit some of his teammates to FSU. Shelton would be a big-time get. Julian Armella is a legacy and we expect FSU to be in that battle until the end. Daughtry Richardson was expected to pull the trigger on a commitment but now will wait and take his visits. 

On the Recruiting Board

·         Aliou Bah: (3) 6’6-325 (IMG Academy, HS) (Committed to FSU)

·         Elijah Pritchett: (4) 6’6-280 (Carver, GA)

·         Drew Shelton: (4) 6’5-290 (IMG Academy-Bradenton, FL)

·         Julian Armella: (4) 6’6-300 – (Saint Thomas Aquinas, FL)

·         Daughtry Richardson: (3) 6’5-265 (Miami Edison HS) 

·         Trent Ramsey: (4) 6’5-275 (East Lakes HS) 

·         Austin Firestone: (3) 6’5-260 (Niceville HS)

·         George Fitzpatrick: (3) 6’6-255 (Cherry Creek HS-Colorado)

·         Dayne Shor: (4) 6’6-290 (Bradenton IMG Academy)

·         Eston Harris Jr: (3) 6’6 275 (Beauregard, AL)  

·         Tyler Gibson: (3) 6’5 290 (Johns Creek HS, GA)


One thing Florida State has done is improve their recruiting on the interior of the offensive line. FSU leads for both Kanaya Charlton and Qae’Shon Sapp at this time. Both are similar players so landing one may be more than enough if FSU decides to wait for higher ranked prospects to take a look at them. 

On the Recruiting Board

·         Emery Jones: (4) 6’4-330 (Catholic HS, LA)

·         Kanaya Charlton: (NR) 6’6-320 (Brunswick HS) 

·         Qae’Shon Sapp: (NR) 6’5-310 (Lee County, GA) 

Defensive ends (2)

Outside of defensive tackle and offensive tackle there is not a more pressing need for FSU this off-season, as the Seminoles need an elite pass rusher. Aaron Hester committed and could be an option down the road. They need to land one of Nyjalik Kelly, Marvin Jones Jr and Shemar Stewart. Land two and FSU has hit a home run at this position. Jones, Kelly and Stewart are guys who will most likely be playing on Sundays. 

On the Recruiting Board

·         Aaron Hester : (3) 6’3-220-(Fletcher HS) (Committed to FSU) 

·         Marvin Jones Jr: (4) 6’4-225 (American Heritage Plantation)

·         Nyjalik Kelly: (4) 6’4-240 –(Dillard HS)  

·         Shemar Stewart: (5) 6’5 260 (Miami Monsignor Pace)

·         Francois Nolton: (4) 6’4 225 (Miami Edison)

·         Quency Wiggins: (4) 6’6 265 (Madison Prep Academy-Baton Rouge, LA)

·         Dante Anderson: (4) 6’3 205 (Homestead HS) 

Defensive tackle

FSU could have been called Defensive Tackle U over the past two decades. The Seminoles have produced some of the very best defensive tackles in college football. The well has run a little dry over the past couple of seasons. They need to land one big-time prospect at this position. Bishop Thomas is a kid who has potential and will probably commit soon. The other two spots need to hold for Elite or close to Elite level prospects at this position. 

On the Recruiting Board

·         Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy: (5) 6’3-275 (Lakeland HS) 

·         Brandon Cleveland:  (4) 6’3-260 (Carroll wood Day HS) 

·         Jamari Lyons: (4) 6’4-295 (Viera HS) 

·         Twafiq Thomas: (3) 6’4-325 (Gaither HS) 

·         Daniel Lyons : (3) 6’4 270 (Homestead HS-FL) 

·         Kaleb Artis: (3) 6’5 270 (St. Frances Prep-NY)

·         Bishop Thomas: (3) 6’2 285 (Orlando Bishop Moore Catholic) 

Linebackers (2-3)

Another position that FSU has had some greats come through their program at linebacker. From Marvin Jones to Derrick Brooks, this position has not been kind to FSU lately. They have landed some talented players but not many of them have panned out. Wesley Bissainthe is an elite talent. He is a Day 1 starter and would help a position in major need. Omar Graham would give FSU a hybrid defensive end/linebacker. We expect Graham to pull the trigger soon for FSU. We are very high on EJ Lightsey, who may end up another Telvin Smith. 

On the Recruiting Board

·         Wesley Bissainthe: (4) 6’1-200 (Miami Central HS)

·         Jaron Willis: (4) 6’2-220 (Lee County, GA) (Committed to Georgia Tech) 

·         Demario Tolan:(NR) 6’3-200 (Tohopekaliga High School) 

·         EJ Lightsey: (3) 6’2 210 (Fitzgerald HS, GA) 

·         Omar Graham Jr: (3) 6’1 205 (Stranahan HS)

Under the Radar Options

·         Mekhi Mason: (3) 6’1 -220 (Monsignor Pace) 

·         Travion Lathan: (4) 6’2-200 (Gulliver Prep) 

·         Devin Smith: (3) 6’2-235 (Oakleaf HS) 

·         Leon Hart: (3) 6’2-190 (Miami Edison HS) 

Safety (2)

Sam McCall committed to FSU early. His commitment is huge as McCall is one of the top players at his position nationwide. FSU is trying to pair him with Kamari Wilson. These two would shut down the middle of the field for the Seminoles. Guys like Jacorey Thomas are also likely options for the Seminoles. 

On the Recruiting Board

·         Sam McCall: (5) 6’0-180 (Lake Gibson, HS) (Committed to FSU)

·         Jacorey Thomas: (3) 6’1-190 (Boone HS) 

·         Kamari Wilson: (5) 6’1-190 (Bradenton IMG Academy) 

·         Azareyeh Thomas: (4) 6’3-175 (Niceville HS) 

·         Kody Jones: (4) 6’0-180 (Germantown HS, Tennessee) 

Under the Radar Options

·         Jaylin Marshall: (4) 6’3-190 (Hallandale HS)

·         Edric Weldon: (3) 6’3-200 (Hallandale HS)

·         Devin Moore: (3) 6’2-175 (Naples HS)

·         JyVonte McClendon:(3) 6’2-180 (Lake Gibson HS) 

Cornerbacks (2)

Travis Hunter may not only be the best corner but you could say the No. 1 receiver in the nation as well. This kid has it. He wants to be a special player. We don’t see a way this kid is not big time in college. He is a player that other players gravitate to. FSU has some other options at corner. If there is one position that they continue to load up on it is corner. 

On the Recruiting Board

·         Travis Hunter: (5) 6’1-170 (Committed to FSU) 

·         Daylen Everette: (4) 6’0-180 (Bradenton IMG Academy) 

·         Ja’Cari Henderson: (NR) 6’0-155 (Seminole HS)

·         Demari Henderson: (NR) 6’0-150 (Seminole HS) 

·         Earl Little JR: (3) 6’0-175 (American Heritage PL HS)

Athlete (2)

FSU is going to continue to recruit prospects who can play multiple positions. They landed Courtney and Hill, who fit that description to a tee. They also are on prospects like Celestine (also known as G7) and Kendrick Law. We expect them to continue going after the very best players no matter what position they may play. Look for FSU to also add a couple of more names to the board before all is said and done. 

On the Recruiting Board

·         Brian Courtney: (3) 6’3-225 (Independence HS, VA) (Committed to FSU)

·         Rodney Hill: (3) 6’0-190 (Bulloch Academy HS, GA) (Committed to FSU)

·         Jai Celestine: (NR) 5’9-160 (Miami Palmetto HS, FL) 

·         Kendrick Law: (4) 5’11-180 (Captain Shreve HS, LA)

Under the Radar Options

·         Antonio Kite: (4) 6’1-180 (Anniston HS, AL)