FSU women opt for 1-on-1 workouts in return to court

The Florida State women’s basketball team has stayed connected through Zoom meetings and conversations in the offseason. And a group of Seminoles have returned to Tallahassee for individual workouts with coaches.

Assistant coach Brooke Wyckoff said about half of the players are on campus and coaches have used the NCAA-allowed time for 1-on-1 instruction and conditioning, which began a week ago and will continue into August.

“We’re doing everything possible to mitigate any risk,” Wyckoff told the Osceola. “We’re testing and we’re keeping everything very clean and up to protocol. We weren’t comfortable mandating anyone to come back. Some of them were very grateful for that choice and have great situations at home where they could still work, get shots up. And some chose to come. We were great with either one.”

Coaches have opted to divide the time on the court into 30-minute sessions. Players also can spend up to four hours each week on conditioning with strength coach Dave Plettl.

Wyckoff said coaches have stuck to the basics, acting as passers or a screening defender while wearing masks and keeping their distance. Players are able to take shots and work on their skills, but the coaches opted to keep this time focused on fundamentals and not push too far ahead as they await the return of the full team later in August.

“They are working really hard and taking advantage of the time that they get to be here and be on the court,” Wyckoff said. “We still stayed in touch with the whole team over Zoom. We’ve done several Zoom meetings a week for the past couple months, teaching basketball, talking about certain things on film with them, getting a little bit of a head start, team bonding.”

Just as the start of the men’s basketball schedule is up in the air, Wyckoff said the women’s team is also in a wait-and-see situation. But the time has been used smartly for remote meetings and workouts, and Wyckoff said coach Sue Semrau encouraged players to register to vote in the upcoming election cycle. All of FSU’s players are now registered.

“Ever since the George Floyd murder, we have had conversations,” Wyckoff said. “Coach Sue has done a phenomenal job of being a facilitator and creating that safe space where as a team we can all talk freely, the girls and coaches. Speak freely about how we feel and the issues that arise. Voting came out of that – just the most tangible way that we can all use our voice to take action and not just talk. Coach Sue really spear-headed the drive to just make sure that everybody was registered.”