FSU players embrace movement to preserve season

College football players from across the nation took to social media on Sunday night to encourage commissioners and school presidents to push forward with a fall season.

A few Florida State players, including Marvin Wilson, Andrew Boselli, Ryan Fitzgerald and Wyatt Rector, posted thoughts on Twitter. Wilson said: “#LetUsPlay work too hard just to not have a season.” Boselli, who battled COVID-19 in the spring, posted: “#WeWantToPlay #WearAMask #GoNoles

Some of the sport’s biggest names across the Power 5 conferences, including Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence, Ohio State’s Justin Fields and Alabama’s Najee Harris, were part of a conversation to give student-athletes a voice. While some of their requests are realistic, the desire to create a college football players’ association will be a major source of concern with college presidents and athletics administrators.

The players’ actions picked up steam on Sunday night after a report from ESPN.com that cited an emergency meeting with Power 5 commissioners was held to discuss the prospect of the season. No major decisions were made at the meeting, according to the report, but ESPN states the Big Ten is looking to postpone the season and is looking to see if the ACC, SEC, Big 12 and Pac-12 will do the same and make the decision a unified one.

On Saturday, the Mid-American Conference became the first FBS league to postpone its season to the spring.

On Sunday, a report by SI.com detailed concerns about cardiac inflammation due to COVID-19 and stated “physicians are identifying the condition in young, healthy Americans — including athletes.

“In a small percentage of infected patients, COVID-19 leaves behind troubling scars in the throbbing muscle within their chests, known as myocarditis,” writes SI.com’s Ross Dellenger. “The virus directly invades the heart muscle, weakening and damaging its cells, through blood clots and inflammatory responses to viral infection. Earlier during the pandemic, doctors only associated the condition with severe and, oftentimes, hospitalized COVID victims, usually elderly patients or those with underlying health problems.”

Florida State held its third preseason practice on Sunday and has a scheduled off day Monday before returning to the field on Tuesday.


  1. chris

    The risk is a probability greater than zero, that someone will have health problems later in life from getting the bat flu today. Do not move forward with a season. If so, it’s purely a self-interest decision.

  2. OldNole

    The risk is probably greater than zero that any of us at any time could contract an illness that will give us problems later in life. That doesn’t stop us from living. Like ships, man was not made for safe harbors.

  3. Jerry Kutz

    I like this quote: “Like ships, man was not made for safe harbors.”
    Spoken as a true Naval officer.

    The football field has never been a safe harbor and maybe this is a topic for a broader discussion, but players do die from head and neck injuries and the exertion of practice every year. Every year we see further evidence that “getting your bell run” — which was once laughable among teammates — is now debilitating more than a few of our most beloved former players.

    There is no such thing as “risk free” football and therefore EVERY decision must be made with reasonable caution, mindful discretion, just as I’m sure the Navy considers with its most-valuable assets.

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