FSU-Miami quote book

Florida State defeated Miami 31-28 on Saturday night. Below are a selection of quotes from coach Mike Norvell and players:

Mike Norvell

(on the significance of the win) “Tonight is the thing that we were focused on. All my life I’ve watched this game. Florida State-Miami. Tonight, to be able to be part of this game and for it to play out the way that it did, it’s just special. I told these kids throughout the week this is a game they’re gonna remember for the rest of their lives. Any past player, anybody that’s ever been associated with this game, this is what makes it special. It’s one of the greatest rivalries, one of the greatest traditional games because of the emotion and what it means to this state, what it means to recruiting, what it means to our fanbase, school, alumni. To see our guys put that heart on display, it was remarkable. We’ll get ready for BC here this upcoming week, but we’re going to enjoy this one tonight because it was a job well done by our team, by everybody involved. It was huge for our program, no doubt.”

(on the crowd filled with recruits) “It shows the direction. For the recruits that are here, for the fan base, for everybody that gets a chance to see that, they see our team’s heart. They see the work, the belief. All the things that we’re building for. I’ve said it many times, we’re going to do this the right way. We are building a foundation that’s going to lead to success. There’s been challenges. It hasn’t gone as smooth as everybody wants. But it’s absolutely going to be worth it in the long run. And the way that these kids compete, the way that they fight, for us it’s all about finding the right fit for Florida State. We’ve got a tremendous group that’s here, it’s exciting. It’s exciting for them to see the atmosphere of what it is to be a Florida State Seminole and to be a part of a game here at Doak Campbell, there’s nothing like it.”

Jammie Robinson
(on overcoming adversity) “We definitely stayed focused and I just felt like if you watch every game we play it comes down to the small things and the little things coach speaks of. Sometimes we get caught up and those small things can result in touchdowns but tonight I felt like we were all on the same page. We clicked up and just got a win.”

Keir Thomas
(on how preparation leads to success) “Coach puts us in a lot of messed up situations in practice. And that’s what he preaches, adversity. Adversity is going to come. We play on a big-time level. We play at Florida State. Everybody wants to beat us. We get everybody’s best week in and week out. We have to face it and I think we did a great job doing that. There were a lot of ups and downs in this game and the guys kept going and that’s what it’s about.”

Jordan Travis
(on growth as a team) “No matter what, we’re playing Miami. That right there makes it the biggest game of the year. I was a kid that was watching this game for many years. It’s a big rival…But this is a big step for us. We fought back a lot of games. There’s been a lot of games this year that we’ve fought back. Responded. The best thing about it after the game, you don’t see anybody celebrating with themselves. Everyone is hugging each other. Celebrating with their brothers. It shows where we’re headed. Got a long way to go. Just got to keep working, keep our head down, stay humble and keep working.”

Ja’Khi Douglas
(on his big catch) “I just kept saying to myself, ‘Don’t drop it.’ And I still almost dropped it. But I had to catch it. A big-time moment in a big game.”

Andrew Parchment
(on the scuffle entering the 4th quarter) “I ain’t going to lie, that moment right there, I’m going to remember that moment forever. That was something out of a movie, when all teams – we were both fighting hard all game. Miami never gave up, props to them. Also with our team, we never gave up, even when we started off strong, started to slow down a little bit, and then that fourth quarter; I feel like that was the juice we really needed pretty much to wake us back up. I’ll never forget that moment. That was a real fun moment.”

Jermaine Johnson
(on resetting defensively w/ Brownlee after giving up the lead) “Something that this program has been building on since I got here at least, just flush it. Next play. So now what? Everybody doesn’t make the play that they want to all the time. You can’t let a play beat you twice. That is all I was telling him. I know what kind of player Jarvis is and I know what he can do. I know sometimes I’ve got to hear that, flush it, but just basically told him flush it, I believe in you, let’s go out there and make something happen.”

(on his performance) “I just wanted to help my brothers win. That was all I was thinking about, I ain’t going to lie. It still ain’t set in. Only thing that mattered to me was not letting my team, my brothers down. I know how they were fighting. I just tried to do all I could. I love these boys and this was my last game in Doak Campbell, and I just wanted to make everybody happy. That is all.”

Jashuan Corbin
(on the win, Jordan Travis) “It is definitely big-time. We had a salty taste in our mouths from last year. So we just wanted to come out here, send the seniors off the right way in their last game in Doak Campbell. Jordan is a big-time player. He made big-time plays. That is really all it comes down to.”