FSU football likely to play only ACC teams in 2020

Dramatic changes to the football schedule were bound to happen this fall. And there could continue to be more in the weeks and months ahead, bringing far-reaching financial implications to Florida State athletics.

Brett McMurphy of WatchStadium.com reported Thursday afternoon that ACC football teams were expected to only play games against league schools in 2020, putting the FSU-Florida game in jeopardy as well as a non-conference opener against West Virginia in Atlanta. The ACC would be following an example of the Big Ten, which also is adjusting its schedule to playing only league schools.

The coronavirus pandemic has made any planning for the football season difficult. But if the ACC moves ahead there are questions of how many conference games will be played – 8, 9 or 10? And what will happen to existing contracts between FSU and West Virginia, which has a $4.25 million guarantee to each school – both of which are counting on those dollars toward their 2020-21 athletics budgets. FSU is also on the hook for a $450,000 guarantee with Samford for a game on Sept. 12.

Warchant.com reported as many as 25 positions in the athletics department would be cut. It’s not clear who has been laid off or in what departments as well as if any are coaches.

“We have eliminated some positions within both Athletics and Seminole Boosters,” FSU spokesperson Rob Wilson said in a statement to the media Thursday evening. “Out of respect for our employees who have just been notified, we will not comment on this matter until some time tomorrow.”


  1. John Parker

    This the dumbest thing i have ever heard of

  2. Nicholas Cotroneo

    This is the only way to play against a group of teams that would be required to follow the same rules of safety and testing. And it’s the only way to manipulate the schedule throughout the year if a game is cancelled due to a large number of positive tests. You can’t do that OOC games. Frankly, the legal document that binds the ACC for revenue, etc. is the only document that Presidents can vote on to create new rules…for whatever they choose. This is why the Big Ten is doing it and this is why we will do it. While it is possible for the SEC and ACC to act in concert for each other for the 4 in state ACC-SEC games, the more challenging issue is ND. If they play more than the 6 ACC games schedule this year, no doubt they want access to the ACC champ game while keeping all its NBC revenue. I don’t care how tired Thrasher and the AD may be at this point, they should be careful of repeating the GOR “procedures” in 2013. If the season is shortened, but played during the pandemic, and if season ticket holders are asked to “contribute” paid tickets to the program instead of getting a refund (because they can’t attend the games), they don’t want that “request” to be in the environment of giving ND the appearance of full membership without them being….a full member. And that includes the ACC contractual rules of equal revenue sharing. Shots fired.

  3. TJ

    It’s only 3 games less than normal. College football focuses on conference play and championships

  4. Chris

    I heard this virus has an expiration date of November 4th.

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