FSU football adds weight room equipment

When Florida State football players are able to return to campus, they will see a completely revamped weight room.

FSU has added 22 new machines to the weight room in the Moore Athletic Center. Older equipment has been moved to various places, including sports medicine, swimming and volleyball.

The new equipment will help football director of strength and conditioning Josh Storms as he works with players in preparation for the upcoming season. Storms said they will be able to “efficiently training groups of athletes within our current training philosophy.”

“The quantities of each new piece installed will allow us to increase the amount of work that can be accomplished in any given training session,” Storms said.

Three types of equipment have been added. Storms provided some details on the machines:

Sorinex Frankenhyper Machine (8) – Combines a Reverse Hyper Machine and a Glute Ham Raise into one piece of equipment to save us valuable floor space. Primarily used for developing the muscles of the posterior chain – hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors.

Sorinex P3 Glute/Ham Developer (8) – Piece specifically designed for performing the Nordic Hamstring Curl, one of the only exercises repeatedly shown in the research to be effective in the development of hamstring resiliency.

Hammer Strength Mid-Row (6) – Machine that provides a plate-loaded option for chest supported heavy double and single arm horizontal rowing movements that don’t rely on the lumbar musculature for support such as barbell and dumbbell rowing options that we use. Provides variety in programming.

Storms gave a preview of the upgrades in a post last week on his Twitter account:


In April, Storms discussed with the Osceola staff how he and the staff have adapted to helping players train while they are back at home. To read the story by Pat Burnham and watch the video of our interview, click here.

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