Florida thanks FSU with ad in Tallahassee Democrat

When Florida basketball star Keyontae Johnson collapsed on the court in the first half of the game at Florida State, there was stunned silence. But also Florida State doctors, trainers and administrators rushed to help Johnson and get him care at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Johnson later recovered in Gainesville and has been released from the hospital there.

In thanks for the support from FSU and TMH, the Florida basketball program took out a full-page ad in the Tallahassee Democrat. The ad thanked a number of people and went on to say: “We have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for everyone from Florida State and the Tallahassee community for their quick and careful action. Our schools compete in so many ways but the rivalry between our institutions is not a rivalry between our people. The ability to set all else aside fo the welfare of one student in need of assistance was on full display on December 12th. We are grateful.”

The Gainesville Sun reported on Tuesday night that Johnson has acute myocarditis, which will likely keep him off the basketball court for at least three months.