Find something fun for any FSU fan to wear

Do you have all the gear you need for the rest of football season? Let’s face it: You can never really have too many snazzy FSU ensembles.

It wasn’t too long ago that game day apparel choices were slim to none for both men and women.  Most wardrobe choices consisted of a pair of jeans or shorts and a Seminole T-shirt with the logo or some quirky saying on it. One of the shirts that comes to mind that I wore when we played Notre Dame a while back said something about the luck, how the Irish sucked … and one more word was involved which rhymed with “luck.” I will leave that to your imagination. Sad part is, we lost that game and I’m still mortified I actually walked around town wearing that shirt. Youth is wasted on the young, I guess.

The Osceola has teamed up with Fanatics.com to help you get stocked up. So guess who was shopping in bed on her husband’s laptop last night? This girl! I also don’t think I need to mention the holidays are around the corner (no pressure), so this is a good excuse to get cracking on your holiday gift shopping list.

One thing I really did need that I did not already have is a good water resistant FSU windbreaker.  I found this one.

I thought about getting one for Jerry, too. But the twinsies look might be a little obnoxious. I’m thinking it will come in handy on rainy and/or chilly days, and I can stuff it right into my clear gameday bag if I don’t want to wear it!  (Plus, I thought it was really reasonably priced). Which reminds me, they also have a cute clear gameday backpack.

I’m eyeing this Tommy Bahama shirt for a certain someone for Christmas. It will go perfectly with his current hair-do.

Why do men refuse to throw their worn tattered clothes away?  Jerry is in some serious need of new FSU stuff and doesn’t realize it. He also needs a new pair of ‘lucky’ game day shoes, what do you think of these?

I won’t tell you how much I ended up getting in total, but let’s just say I’ll be set for the rest of the season … and Jerry’s been a really good boy this year.


  1. Jason Franza Reply

    Excellent column! I admittedly go a bit overboard on the FSU gear for the family, so it’s nice to hear that I’m not alone.

    It is crazy when I stop and think how limited the team apparel availability used to be when I was a kid, compared to what it is now.

    Great comment about Jerry’s hair-do but come on, we all know that Jerry is anything but a good boy 🙂

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