Fans on Comcast have options for ULM game: Cut cord, go to watch party

Florida State football will make its first appearance on the ACC Network this weekend.

With the exception of fans who get their cable service from Comcast, a large portion of the fan base will be able to watch ULM at FSU, which airs exclusively on the ACC Network on Saturday at 5 p.m. 

And if your provider is Comcast, which has not reached a deal to carry the ACC Network, there are still plenty of options: going to Doak Campbell Stadium, cutting the cord, meeting up at a local Seminole club watch party or hanging out with friends who have the channel.

The ACC Network is now available in more than 48 million homes after a deal was made last week by Disney and Dish as well as Wednesday’s agreement with Cox. Now the channel is part of packages on satellite providers like DirecTV and Dish, cable systems like Charter-Spectrum and Cox as well as streaming services like Hulu Live, PlayStationVue, YouTube TV and Sling.

That distribution is widespread, even if it doesn’t include Comcast customers. The SEC Network is in 59 million homes, while the Big Ten Network is in 55 million homes.

If you don’t have the ACC Network on your cable provider, there are options. Cutting the cord and going with a streaming service can be done in 30 minutes to an hour from your sofa. And a few of the streaming services over free trials so that you can take a test drive.

And FSU fans can always meet up with friends at their nearby Seminole clubs around the state and country, many of which are holding watch parties.

In Florida, FSU fans will meet up for watch parties in Orlando Fort Lauderdale, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Bradenton, Pensacola, Destin, Leesburg, Orlando and Pompano Beach. A full list of where and when FSU fans get together around the nation can be found here.

There are also events in West Palm Beach and Delray Beach and information can be found here. FSU fans in Orlando can go to a watch party on Church Street. More information can be found here. And a group of Seminoles gather at Pusser’s in Ponte Vedra Beach to watch the games. More information can be found here.


  1. Bob Ferrante

    If you are on Comcast, you have options. You are a consumer. You can go to Facebook and Twitter and post a message demanding the ACC Network. I will also encourage you to look into Dish, DirecTV or cut the cord.

  2. Christopher

    I love Tom Block and Keith Jones you guys need to make that a segment, keep it up all I here is good news about the site from friends and followers in Garnet & Great!

  3. Bob Ferrante

    Hey, Chris! Tom and Keith will do some videos for us midweek that we’ll add to stories. We’re hoping to also have them do a postgame video on Saturdays.

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