Detroit? Birmingham? Shreveport? FSU will learn which bowl on Sunday

Florida State fans have been awaiting the announcement of a new coach.

But the Seminoles are also eagerly looking forward to the start of the bowl season, and those matchups will be set on Sunday afternoon (noon on ESPN).

FSU (6-6) is likely slotted with the tier of ACC teams that could be headed to bowls in Shreveport, Detroit, Annapolis, Birmingham or Tampa. A game in Tampa appears to be a long shot and may not in the end feature an ACC school. If you were predicting where the Seminoles will be playing in a bowl game, the best bet is eliminating Tampa and focusing on the above four cities.

It’s possible that FSU could return to Shreveport for the second time in three years but a number of bowls would prefer to mix it up and not have fans return to the same city just 24 months later.

The bowl announcements are something of a domino effect. A Clemson win in the ACC championship game – Saturday night against Virginia – should seal up a spot in the playoff. Virginia could then be headed to the Orange Bowl, with Notre Dame a possibility to the Citrus Bowl. In the event an ACC school plays a Big Ten team in the Orange Bowl, then the ACC would also send a team to the Camping World Bowl in Orlando.

After that, the ACC has bowl tie-ins with another tiered group of bowls, featuring the Gator Bowl, Sun Bowl, Pinstripe Bowl, Belk Bowl and Music City Bowl. It’s highly unlikely that FSU would go to any of these bowls with a 6-6 record, even though there has been optimistic social media discussion by fans of an FSU-to-Jacksonville bowl trip.

Some final bowl projections by national writers:

CBSSports.com has FSU going to Shreveport on Dec. 26 vs. Western Kentucky.

ESPN.com has FSU headed to Birmingham on Jan. 2 to play Tulane or Cincinnati.

SportingNews.com has FSU bound for El Paso on Dec. 31 to play Arizona State.

Bowl announcements will be set first by the playoffs, which will be made on ESPN at 12:15 p.m. ESPN’s show will continue through the afternoon, with the announcement of FSU’s bowl and opponent likely coming in the 3 p.m. hour.


  1. Danny Witt Reply

    there will be a 6-6 team in the first tier.May not be us but there will be one.

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