Commitment Analysis: 2022 QB Nicco Marchiol

Florida State received the fifth commitment for its 2022 recruiting class on Sunday when quarterback Nicco Marchiol from Chandler (Ariz.) Hamilton High School gave his pledge to coach Mike Norvell. The 6-foot-2 and 216-pound rising senior chose FSU over Florida, Rutgers and his hometown ASU Sun Devils after making an unofficial to the Florida State campus late last week.

Osceola football and recruiting analyst Mark Salva, Charles Fishbein and Patrick Burnham offer their thoughts on what kind of prospect the Seminoles are getting in Marchiol.

Mark Salva:

What you see/like: The thing that really stuck out to me is Nicco’s accuracy. This guy hits what he’s throwing at. Better than that, he throws guys open, puts it in front of RBs on swing routes and WR bubbles (really hard throws to place and time) and doesn’t lose any accuracy throwing on the run. He really puts it on them and has excellent placement. I don’t get the impression he has that elite arm but he has impeccable timing and accuracy that more than makes up for it. His command of the offense comes across on tape. I like his build, looks durable and mature. If he is 6-2 then I can see 230 pounds. May have to keep an eye on his weight.

What you don’t see/like/know: He really holds the ball low. I’m not a QB mechanics guru but it seems to make him wind up a little, for what that observation is worth. He is an effective runner, and at the next level he can run enough to be accounted for but I don’t think he’ll be a huge threat that’ll put fear in defenses. He’s not “fast twitchy” like Jordan Travis but looks like he has a good feel for space and I can see him being elusive in the pocket and making timely runs and extending plays.  

Charles Fishbein

What you see/like: New breed of quarterback. Nicco can beat you with his arm or legs. He is a good enough athlete that plays can be designed for him to run. He is very effective at picking up yards with his legs. You have to respect him as a defensive coordinator that his mobility is not a liability. He has a solid arm and can make throws down the field. His deep throws down the middle of the field have some zip. He can throw on the run. We like that he leads his receivers. They can catch the ball and run up the field.

What you don’t see/like/know: On his deep throws to the sideline I would like to see him be able to get the ball out quicker. He may get some passes picked off if there is not more zip added to his throws. He has a tendency to aim his throws instead of letting it rip. Does not look on his highlights that Nicco is making difficult reads. He seems to throw to his first option most of the time. He will need to adjust that way of playing in college. While he has a good arm it is not great. How well can he throw when pressured? Most of his film is him throwing in clean pockets. Can he adjust to the speed of the game in college?

Patrick Burnham

What you see/like: Extremely accurate both in and out of the pocket. Does a great job of keeping his eyes down field when forced out of the pocket and looks to throw the ball first and run second. Make quick decisions and throws a very catchable ball. He does a great job of hitting his receivers in stride and allowing them to run for yardage after the catch. Looks like he understands where he is supposed to go with the ball based on the coverage he gets. Not elite arm talent but he does have a good arm. Throws a lot of fastballs but there are several deep throws (go routes) where he places the ball with nice touch where only his receiver can catch the pass. Well built, looks durable enough to hold up in the quarterback run game. At first glance he reminds me a little of a bigger version of UCF quarterback Dillon Gabriel with less zip on his throws.

What you don’t see/like/know: Does he have the arm strength to fit his throws into the much tighter windows he will see at the major college level? He does have a bit of a windup when he throws. Can you speed up his release? How effective can he be in the quarterback run game? This isn’t a huge question for me because Norvell’s offenses haven’t been quarterback run-centric outside of Travis this past season.

Please click on the link below to view Marchiol’s HUDL highlights.