Charles Fishbein’s top 15 receivers in Florida in 2020 class

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Florida State is in critical need of landing wide receiver commitments in the class of 2020. The Seminoles have one from Malachi Wideman of Sarasota Riverview but are pursuing more.

Using the below grading system, here’s a look at the top 15 receivers in the state of Florida.

10 (National Elite Recruit)
9-(Top ranked National Recruit)
8-(Top ranked regional Recruit)
7-(P5/FBS prospects)

  1. Michael Redding – Bradenton IMG Academy (6-2, 190)
    • Ranking: (9) Redding has an elite level skill set. He has the size and speed to change the game. He can stretch the field. He also will go out and extend himself to catch the football. He does have a tendency to allow the ball to get into this body. (Reported Offers: Committed to Miami)
  2. Xzavier Henderson – Miami Columbus (6-3, 180)
    • Ranking: (8) Henderson showcased his talents in the state title game. He showed the type of speed and quickness that it is rarely seen from someone with his size. He is an elite talent and will be one of the more heavily recruited players in Florida this year. (Reported offers: Clemson, Arkansas, Baylor, Florida and Miami)
  3. Marcus Rosemy – Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas – (6-1, 175)
    • Ranking: (8) Rosemy is a big-time talent. He has the size and speed that college recruiters are looking for. He just needs to work on his consistency – he will make one great play and then drop an easy pass. (Reported offers: Committed to Georgia)
  4. Leonard Manuel – Ocala Vanguard (6-4, 200)
    • Ranking: (8) Talent-wise there are not many receivers in the nation who are above Manuel. He is one of the more physically impressive receivers to come out of Florida in the past 10 years. (Reported offers: Committed to Florida)
  5. Bryan Robinson – Palm Beach Central (6-1, 175)
    • Ranking: (8) Robinson has both the size and speed to cause match-up problems. He can get behind a secondary and stretch the field. He is also effective on the shorter routes. (Reported offers: (Committed to Miami)
  6. Malachi Wideman – Sarasota Riverview (6-4, 180)
    • Ranking: (8) Wideman can get it done in both basketball and football. He is one of the better dual-sport stars in Florida this year. He can jump out of the gym with his athleticism. His upside makes him one of the premier receivers in the country. (Reported offers: Committed to FSU)
  7. Kentron Poitier – Miami Palmetto (6-4, 190)
    • Ranking: (8) One of the fastest rising stars in Florida. He gives you a receiver with the size and speed to beat a defense deep. Look for him to end up one of the more heavily recruited players this spring. (Reported Offers: Alabama, Auburn, FSU, Georgia, UF, BC, Baylor, GT, UGA, Miami, Michigan, Oregon, Pitt, S. Miss, Syracuse, Toledo, UVA, WKY)
  8. Elijah Canion – Hollywood Chaminade (6-3, 190)
    • Ranking: (8) Canion is quickly becoming one of the best receivers in Florida. He has elite level talent as it was on display in the state title game. (Reported offers: Committed to Auburn)
  9. Ajou Ajou – Clearwater Academy Int. (6-3, 210)
    • Ranking: (8) Canada has produced some very good football players. Ajou is the next one to make his mark. He has great size and is a match up problem for smaller receivers. He does a great job of going up and high pointing the football. (Reported Offers: 25 D1 Offers)
  10. Xavier McGriff – Jacksonville Baldwin (6-2, 175)
    • Ranking: (7) We will continue to evaluate him this spring. (Reported offers: Committed to FIU)
  11. Bryce Gowdy – Deerfield Beach (6-2, 200)
    • Ranking: (8) Gowdy is part of an offense that is loaded at receiver. He is just one of the many gifted pass catchers on Deerfield football team. Will they have enough balls to go around this upcoming season? (Reported offers: Florida, Auburn, Arkansas, Bowling Green, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisville, NC State, Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Purdue, South Carolina, Syracuse, Temple)
  12. Corbin Gibson – Sebastian River (6-4, 190)
    • Ranking: (8) Corbin is a kid who can play receiver or defensive back. He has great range and is athletic. He has good length. (Reported offers: Buffalo, Kansas, Louisville, Maryland, Oregon)
  13. Aydin Henningham – Deerfield Beach (6-1, 190)
    • Ranking: (8) Last year at the Nike camp no one knew who this kid was. After a great performance he put his name on the recruiting radar. He is a smooth receiver and the game seems to come easy to him. (Reported offers: Committed to Pittsburgh)
  14. Kaleb Long – Chamberlain (6-5, 170)
    • Ranking: (8) Long fits his name. He has the length to really cause problems. He is going to out jump the guy covering most if not all of the time. Good luck in the red zone trying to covering him. (Reported Offers: FSU, Miami, FAU, UCF, UF, Southern Miss and Virginia)
  15. Ja’Vontae Williams – Glades Central (6-0, 200)
    • Ranking: (8) Williams put on an impressive performance in his spring game. He was quite impressive. He showed the ability to not only out jump defenders but also run away from them. He has both the size and speed you want at receiver. (Reported Offers: UNLV, USF, Oregon, FIU)


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