Charles Fishbein’s top 10 QBs in Florida

Charles Fishbein, who has nearly two decades of experience as a recruiting analyst, takes a closer look at the best 10 high school senior quarterbacks in the state of Florida. These are all class of 2020 prospects, and the No. 2 quarterback is a very familiar name for Florida State fans.

Fishbein uses the following ranking system to project the quarterbacks:

10 (National Elite Recruit)

9 (Top ranked National Recruit)

8 (Top ranked regional Recruit)

7 (P5/FBS prospects)


Take a closer look:

1 Carson Beck – Jacksonville Mandarin (6-4, 215)

Ranking: (9) Beck showed his worth as he took a Jacksonville Mandarin team to the state finals and won. He displayed very nice arm talent. He can make most of the throws of him. He also showed the type of leadership that makes him a priority for college coaches. (Committed to UGA)   

2. Jeff Sims – Jacksonville Sandalwood (6-3, 190)

Ranking: (8) Sims is a dual-threat quarterback. He can beat you with his arm or legs. He will move around the pocket and find a way to beat the defense. He has a strong arm and he can just unload the ball. (Committed to Florida State)

(For more on Jeff Sims, check out Patrick Burnham’s analysis here)

3. Tucker Gleason – Tampa Plant (6-2, 200)

Ranking: (8) Gleason will get his chances to start as a senior. He has some moxie as a quarterback. His mechanics and throwing motion do need some work. (Committed to Georgia Tech)  

4. Anthony Richardson – Gainesville Eastside High School (6-4, 210)

Ranking: (7) Richardson is a dual-threat quarterback. He can beat you with either his arm or legs. His ability to make every throw as well as his athletic ability make him one of the top quarterbacks in Florida. (Committed to Florida)  

5. Katravis Marsh – Miami Central (6-5, 180)

Ranking: (7) Williams is a prospect that showed some serious talent recently. He has a good arm and can make most of the throws asked of him. He also does a very good job of moving around the pocket and creating plays with his legs. Experience is the only thing holding him back at this time. (Reported Offers: Tennessee, Southern Miss, Tulane, UCF) 

6. Gregory Spann – Lakewood (6-3, 180)

Ranking: (7) Spann is another talented prospect. He has good size and his frame should allow him to carry more weight. He can beat you with both his arm and legs. (Reported Offers: FSU, Louisville, UGA, Duke, Coastal Carolina, Miami, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Toledo, UCF, USF)

7. Devon Lingle – Neptune Beach Fletcher (6-2, 195)     

Ranking: (7) Lingle is a kid who should draw more interest this spring. He has good size and a solid arm. (Reported offers: Rice, Toledo, Bowling Green, C. Mich, Cincy, Columbia, ECU, Kent State, UMASS, Toledo, USF, Troy State, W. Michigan) 

8. Michael Pratt – Boca Raton (6-3, 175)

Ranking: (7) Pratt had a great spring game. He is probably going to end up one of the premier quarterbacks in South Florida. (Reported offers: Bowling Green, Buffalo, Columbia, Cornell, FAU, Toledo, Tulane, W. Mich)

9. Garrett Greene – Tallahassee Chiles (6-1, 180)

Ranking: (7) Greene is an under-the-radar quarterback at this time. He will end up moving up the list if his play on the field continues to rise. (Reported offers: Committed to West Virginia)

10. Chayil Garnett – Lake Wales (6-2, 205)

Ranking: (7) Has a good arm. He can make throws in the pocket and on the run. He is also a good enough athlete to do some damage with his legs. (Reported offers: Committed to Auburn)

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