Can FSU sign a top 10 class in 2022?

Since 2017 FSU has had one class ranked in the top 10. We have researched the rankings over the past 10 years and for a team to make the playoffs — not necessarily win it — they must have a class ranked in the top 15. To win the national title the team that has done so is signing classes ranked in the top five.

FSU has the No. 10 class in the 247Sports Composite. That is an average of all the network rankings. FSU is off to a red-hot start to their 2022 class. Since 2017 the lowest ranked class in the top 10 was Notre Dame (2017). Their class finished with a point total of 251.00 in the 247 Composite Ranking. Right now FSU is on pace with their commitments and leans to have a class ranked around 265-270, which would put them right outside the top 10. To consider they only won three games in 2020 and are on pace for a top 10 class/borderline top 5 class is quite impressive.

With the recent commitment of Sam McCall, FSU now has two players who are ranked as five-star prospects. McCall and Travis Hunter give FSU two of the best defensive backs in the nation. 

2022 Commits

·         Travis Hunter – Collins Hill (Suwanee, GA)-Ath/CB-(5) .9963 (National Rank-4th)/(Pos. 2nd) (State-GA-1st)

·         Sam McCall – Lake Gibson (Lakeland, FL)-Ath/S (5).9836 (National Rank-35th/(Pos.-5th) (State-FL-6th)

·         Nicco Marchiol – Hamilton (Chandler, AZ)-QB-(4) .9009 (National Rank-295th)/ Pos.-13TH) (State-AZ-3rd)

·         Nyjalik Kelly – Dillard (Fort Lauderdale, FL) DE-(4) .8904 (National Rank-371)/Pos-23rd) (State-FL-48th)

·         Quincey McAdoo – Clarendon (Clarendon, AK)WR-(3) (National Rank-380/Pos-52nd) (State-AK-4th)

·         Aaron Hester – Neptune – (Neptune Beach, FL)DE/OLB –(3) (National Rank-455 /Pos-27th) (State-FL-60th)

Comments: When you look at FSU’s class there is still plenty of room for the prospects who committed to them to move up in the rankings. Hunter and McCall are two prospects that have gone as high as they will in the national rankings. There is no doubt that Kelly could end up a top 100-150 prospect in the country. There is no way there are 370 prospects who are better then him. You look at McAdoo and the same thing could be said about him. Are there really 52 better receivers in the entire country? Aaron Hester could also see a slight bump and end up a four star prospect. Each of these scenarios is likely to happen once the season gets under way. 

The next question is which players who are uncommitted can help FSU land a top-10 class and maintain it through NSD. We will break down those players and what FSU class could start to look like if some pieces fall their way. 

Uncommitted Prospects: 

·         AJ Duffy –IMG Academy – (Bradenton, FL) (4) .9546  (National Rank-108th / Pos. Rank-6th) (State-FL-13th)

·         Jaylon Glover – Lake Gibson (Lakeland, FL) (3)RB-.8800 (National Rank-441th)/Pos. Rank-34th)(State-FL-59th

·         Thomas Castellanos – Ware County (Waycross-GA)(3)  .8789 (National Rank-475th/Pos. Rank-41st) (State-GA-43rd

·         Jaleel Skinner – Greer HS – (Greer, SC)(4)-TE-.9591 (National Rank-97th/Pos. Rank-3rd)(State-SC-3rd)

·         Daughtry Richardson – Miami Central – (Miami, FL)(3) OT-.8789 (National Rank-456th/Pos. Rank-47th) (State-FL-61st)

·         Julian Armella – Columbus HS – (Miami, FL) (4) OT-.9435 (National Rank-137th)Pos.Rank-14th)(State-FL-16th)

·         Kanaya Charlton – Brunswick HS – (Brunswick, GA) (3) OT-.8377 (National Rank-992nd/Pos. Rank-40th) (State-FL-79th

·         Marvin Jones Jr – American Heritage Plantation – (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)-(4)DE -.9735 (National Rank-63rd / Pos. Rank-5th) (State-FL-8th

·         Richard Thomas-American Heritage – Plantation-(Ft. Lauderdale, FL) (4) DE-.9033 (National Rank-284th /Pos. Rank-17th) (State-FL-34th)

·         Wesley Bissainthe – Miami Central – (Miami, FL) (4) OLB-.9534 (National Rank-110th/ Pos. Rank-8th) (State-FL-14th)

·         Jaron Willis – Lee County (Leesburg, GA) (4) OLB-.9405 (National Rank-148th/Pos. Rank-11th) (State-GA-16th)

·         Azareyeh Thomas – Niceville (Niceville,FL) (4) Ath-.9596 (National Rank-95th /Pos. Rank-9th) (State-FL-11th)

Final Comments: FSU has the No. 10 class in the 247Sports team rankings. Considering how the past year has gone that is quite impressive. Coach Norvell and his staff have gotten a major head start on the 2022 recruiting class. If they can keep it together and add some of the pieces above we feel that a top 10 class is very likely. That would be quite an accomplishment for FSU. Right now FSU has 127.96 (Team Score) in the 247Sports Composite. If they were to land every other prospect above, their total score would be 270.97. This does not consider the fact that rankings could change. A 270 plus team score would give them a class that would have finished No. 9 (2021), No. 10 (2020), No. 9 (2018) and No. 8 (2017). I think pretty much every Seminole fan would take a class ranked in the top 10.