Briles talks about Odell, the offense and open week

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FSU offensive coordinator Kendal Briles met with the media on Tuesday for the first time since former Seminoles head coach Willie Taggart was dismissed after the Miami game. Briles spoke on a number of topics, including the job interim head coach Odell Haggins has done in his two weeks in his new role, the play of FSU’s quarterbacks, the focus of the offense during its second open date and whether or not he would like to be considered to be the Seminoles’ next head coach.

“Odell is a guy that loves this university and everybody loves him, so I think situationally with him being able to get in front of the team, those guys rally upon him and the love he has for the university and the players,” said Briles, when asked about the energy and stability Haggins has brought to the program in the short term. “I think its real, I think the passion is real and I think that’s why we have been able to have a little bit of success.”

Briles is also appreciative Haggins is letting him have total control of the offense both from a scheme and personnel perspective since he took over for Taggart.

“It’s been great,” said Briles. “Odell, like I said, I think he’s done that not just with me but with everybody. He’s letting the players play freely and the coaches coach. And that’s what you would expect from a guy taking over in this situation is to not get too involved in something he doesn’t particulary know a whole lot about. You know he’s been coaching the defensive line (while being interim head coach). He’s been awesome. I love Odell. He is a tremendous person and I feel very blessed to working with him.”

He was also asked if he would like to be considered to be FSU’s next head coach.

“Of course,” said Briles as he laughed. “Are you kidding me? It’s a top-10 job in the country. And you’ve got great leadership and administrative people here. Absolutely, but right now I am just trying to get through this practice and get ready for the next one.”

For more Kendal Briles post-practice press conference please click on the YouTube link below.


  1. joseph johnston Reply

    this has nothing to do with any of theFSU sports teams. what I would like to know is why the nov sports calendar will not download. all I ever get is page canot be found never happened until Nov. what gives?

    • Bob Ferrante Reply

      Thanks, Joseph. I asked our web developer to take a look and fix. Not sure what happened there.

    • Bob Ferrante Reply

      It is fixed now

  2. CC Reply

    Lot’s of changes coming for the University as a whole. With so many moving parts, maybe the best thing to do in the short-run is minimize as many as possible. Let the coaches coach, the ones we have. Leavitt spent a year in the NFL figuring out the 3-4 defense and he already knows the 4-3. It wouldn’t take much to get our D at a competitive level with Leavitt as DC. Briles as OC seems like a great long-run scheme, including possibly taking over as HC after Odell steps down. Odell emphasizes that it’s all about the players and this should be the message that replaces “do something.” I think people would get behind this message and the money would follow.

    • Jerry Kutz Reply

      I see your logic… and don’t disagree.
      I truly believe FSU is doing a thorough search (yay!) to find the best head coach.
      They have interviewed Odell, as well they should, and I’m sure he’ll be strongly considered.
      As I mentioned earlier, no one knows more about what’s right and wrong at FSU than Odell, so that interview had to be enlightening or at least validating for Coburn and Thrasher.
      The candidates most often named will complete their regular season on 11/29 or 11/30. Some will have a conference championship game on Dec. 7. I would suspect a coach will be named either right after 11/30 or right after 12/7 weekends.

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