Briles eyes improvement on offense

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FSU offensive coordinator Kendal Briles has been one of the hot topics surrounding Florida State’s football program this offseason.

Briles spoke with the media Sunday morning before the Seminoles’ third preseason practice and, while he is happy about what he has seen so far, he knows the offense will take some time to develop.

“It’s a work in progress,” Briles said when asked how the offense has looked during the first two practices. 

He also said that the offense is still getting used to the pace, which in turn leads to increased reps during practice.

“We’re trying to get a lot of reps,” said Briles. “This will be the first day that we got everybody back together. So that will be good. The guys toward the end of practice the last couple days were pretty worn out, lot of cramping. That’s normal. Getting back into football shape. Especially with the tempo offense. But I think mentally the carryover from the spring through the summer, back into fall camp, I think the guys are mentally sharp. So now we’re going to start putting a little bit on them. It’s going to make it a little bit tough on them but that’s going to pay off later.”

When asked about what he was looking for from quarterback James Blackman and Alex Hornibrook during preseason camp, Briles got right to the point.

“Production. Bottom line,” answered Briles.

Briles was very positive about what he has seen from Blackman in camp to this point.

“James is an awesome kid,” said Briles. “You all know him. He has been here for a while. Unbelievable kid. The thing that I love about James is that he is the same every single day. That is what you have to be, especially playing the quarterback position, with just being consistent on a daily basis. He comes out here, the team loves him. Off-season, off the field, everything he does he is the same way.”

He also needs to see continued improvement from the redshirt sophomore.

“James just has to continue to progress in the offense and really got to think like I think,” said Briles.  “Once a quarterback gets on the level where they are thinking like I think, they know exactly where the ball should go each and every time and they are not having to process as much, they are more reacting, then you are playing at a pretty high level and that is where we need to get.”

Another integral part in the development of the FSU offense in 2019 is the presence of offensive line coach Randy Clements.

“Extremely important,” answered Briles about the role the hiring of Clements was to implementing his offense at FSU. “And it was important to coach Taggart as well. And that was one of the deals going through the process is, hey, we both were agreeing on if we were going to do this thing then we wanted to make sure that we could get coach Clements here.”

Briles also believes the FSU offensive line must be tougher this season and it is one of the top priorities of the preseason.

“Mental toughness and physical toughness,” answered Briles on what areas the offensive line needed improvement it. “I think there is some talent there. It is like with anything, if you don’t have a lot of success then you kind of lack in confidence at times. Coach Clements is unbelievable about really driving success into those guys and making them believe in themselves. He has done it for a long, long time.”

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  1. Jim Gladden Reply

    Kendyl is 100% right about TOUGHNESS, that plus the lack of Great EFFORT has been the greatest source of criticism over the last 3 or 4 years. The bottom line will he fight or will he quit ?

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