Board of Governors planning toward fall re-opening

Board of Governors will begin to hear comments from stakeholders about the re-opening of campuses in a meeting on May 28.

A statement by the BOG says universities will then be able to present their plans at the next meeting on June 23. This could continue the universities’ push to open up their colleges for the fall, whether in full or in part.

“The task force is focusing on developing guidelines that will prioritize the health and well-being of students, faculty, staff, vendors, and visitors as our institutions continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic,” chair Syd Kitson said in a statement. “Our measured and thoughtful approach will be informed by science and medical professionals, and we are working hard to develop sound guidelines that enhance campus safety, as well as continue to meet the Board’s rigorous academic performance and student success goals.”

Florida State has been closed since mid-March. Classes, practices, games and activities were halted and students began taking their course load completely online. President John Thrasher has stated that the campus will likely remain closed through Aug. 2.

This could open the door to a re-opening of FSU, possibly one that is done in stages.

“As we move forward with a framework for the fall, we will be mindful that a healthy campus environment and academic rigor remain paramount,” said Chancellor Marshall Criser, III.

FSU coaches and athletics administrators have for the most part worked remotely and kept in contact with student-athletes, the majority of which are living back home. The university currently allows 25 percent of employees to be in campus buildings, including the Moore Athletic Center.

Officials at FSU will likely review their policies and discuss further at the next Board of Trustees meeting on June 3-4.

Notre Dame on Monday announced its plan for bringing students back to campus on Aug. 10, two weeks earlier than usual. The university’s plan does not include a break with a conclusion of the semester ahead of Thanksgiving.

Recruiting is in an NCAA-mandated dead period, meaning that prospects are not allowed on college campuses and coaches can’t hold camps through at least June 30. The NCAA has stated that it could extend the dead period, with some coaches suggesting an extension through July 31.

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