Barnett seeking ‘edge’ from defense, likes using multiple fronts

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Florida State defensive players have spoken this preseason about the confidence that they have in the scheme now that they are in Year 2 with coordinator Harlon Barnett.

Barnett met with the media on Sunday morning and said he has been pleased with the energy and work ethic from the players. He also wanted to see more of an edge from the defense.

“We charged them with it, and they know it’s something we needed to do,” Barnett said. “They’re excited, and they’re showing it so far in this first two days. Hopefully it continues on throughout camp.”

FSU has shown mostly 3-4 looks during the open portions through three days of practice. Barnett said that FSU will remain multiple, featuring 4-3 and 3-4 defensive fronts, to best use its talent.

“Maximize the talent that we have on this team, and trying to get the best 11 on the field,” Barnett said. “And ultimately, we’re looking for the top 22. It helps us to use our personnel in a more effective way.”

Some highlights from Barnett:

(On the outside linebackers in the 3-4 looks) “I see some long guys back there who can get in passing windows and cause vision problems for the quarterback. It’s been looking pretty good for us.”

(On linebacker depth, how it helps with a 3-4) “It’s really good. We’re multiple and we can get in a lot of different fronts, and make the offense through the course of the week work on a lot of different things. And our guys are good at doing all that stuff, so it’s awesome.”

(On Hamsah Nasirildeen potentially remaining in the secondary) “He’s a versatile player, first of all. He’s going to be all over the place when it’s all said and done. But he’s so versatile, so big, so fast and long, there’s almost not a position he can’t play on a defense aside from d-line. We’re going to try and use him to the best of his abilities to give us the most success we can have.”

Here’s more from Barnett’s interview:

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  1. Bob Ferrante Reply

    Worth mentioning that walk-on QB Nolan McDonald was working out with the defensive backs on Sunday. We didn’t see him with the quarterbacks on Saturday, either. This may be a long-term move for him as Kendal Briles mentioned on Sunday that QB reps have been split among three players (Blackman, Hornibrook and Travis).

    We did also see Wyatt Rector working with the QBs on Sunday.

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