Andrew Boselli: ‘I had coronavirus,’ now recovered

Florida State offensive lineman Andrew Boselli announced Friday morning that he had coronavirus – but has recovered – in a first-person story posted on Seminoles.com.

Boselli said he was tested on March 21 and a few days later received a positive result.

“But by then, the result wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t already know,” Boselli said. “A day after my test – an unpleasant process in and of itself – I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a bus.”

Boselli says that the coronavirus hit his family – his mom, dad and brother all tested positive. He states that all of them have recovered but that his dad, former Jaguars All-Pro offensive lineman Tony Boselli, spent three days at an intensive care unit and two more days in the hospital in Jacksonville before he was released to go home.

Andrew Boselli describes his experience, in part:

“Although I had what doctors consider to be a “mild” case of it, my experience was anything but mild,” Boselli wrote. “I woke up on a Sunday morning with a low-grade fever, thinking that would be the worst of it. By that night, my temperature was 103 degrees. It was the highest fever of my life, but I felt like I was freezing. I was glued to the couch with no energy, no appetite and nothing but fluids and over-the-counter medicines to help me feel better.

“The hardest part was feeling slightly short of breath. That’s a bad feeling anyway, and knowing that shortness of breath is often a symptom of severe cases made it that much worse. I had never felt so not like myself.”

5 p.m. update after Boselli’s Zoom video call with media:

Boselli said initially he was scared that he would have to go to the hospital but in the end did not. His brother had similar symptoms as Andrew. Even in the first-person description, which sounds awful, Andrew states that he and his brother had only a mild cast.

His mom slept a lot, he estimated some days that it was as many as 20 hours.

Tony Boselli had the worst battle with coronavirus. Andrew stated that he never thought of his dad as being in a high-risk group. It could have been much worse. Andrew has three sisters but he said they are all asymptomatic.

Andrew was in early communication with FSU trainer Jake Pfeil, beginning with Tony’s diagnosis. It sounds like they talked daily and Pfeil was a resource throughout as well as communicating with the football staff. Andrew and coaches talked or texted often.

He has been cleared by local health authorities to do any conditioning at home. Andrew said he only lost about 6-7 pounds and feels good.

Andrew encourages everyone to follow guidance from health officials of social distancing.

To read Boselli’s full first-person story, click here.


  1. Jim Gladden Reply

    PTL A great story, I heard 2 good thoughts for the day yesterday, “If you’re going thru hell, DON’T STOP” and ” Anxiety weighs down the Heart, but a Kind Word Cheers it Up” Proverbs 12:25.

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