Alumni Hall becomes official Osceola partner

So much of enjoying the Florida State fan experience is the pride of wearing your colors throughout the year – on your person, on your car or in your home and garden – so the Osceola is thrilled to announce Alumni Hall as our official merchandise partner!

Osceola subscribers will receive a 20 percent discount on Alumni Hall’s extensive line of merchandise by using the Osceola promo code when purchasing online. The discount is also available at Alumni Hall’s Tallahassee store when showing the Osceola’s digital membership card. Both the promo code and the membership card can be accessed by subscribers when they click on the Alumni Hall ad on the Osceola’s web site.

If you live in Tallahassee, the Alumni Hall store is located at 1817 Thomasville Road, by 4 Rivers Smokehouse and Whole Foods, or click here to find a store near you.

There’s a variety of products to choose from, including products with the “old logo” available in Alumni Hall’s Vault Collection. You’ll find retro football, basketball and baseball jerseys as well as branded items from Columbia, Cutter and Buck, Nike, Pennington and Bailes, Peter Millar and hundreds of fun items to decorate your man cave or war wagon. 

Be sure to visit Alumni Hall’s catalog for basketball shirts and hoodies to order in time for March Madness game watching parties. (Alumni Hall’s FSU collection can be viewed here.) And look for Osceola’s Fan Experience story in the coming weeks, spotlighting Alumni Hall’s fashions for the spring football and baseball games.

We hope you will enjoy our new partnership and wear your colors proudly!

Go Noles,

Jerry Kutz


The Osceola