Alford updates on football ops building timeline, schedule models, NIL

Florida State athletics director Michael Alford sat down with the Osceola last week to discuss a range of topics of importance for the school and the conference. Alford remains optimistic about the fundraising and groundbreaking for a football operations building.

“Hoping to break ground December,” Alford said. “Fundraising is going really well for that. Fundraising is going extremely well for the stadium project. We’re at $45 million raised for the stadium project alone, and that’s been since October. People are excited about it. It’s about offering different experiences. Sixty percent of our fan base travels over three and a half hours to get here to Tallahassee for a game day. We have to show them a commitment. It’s important for that revenue to keep coming into Leon County. It’s a time commitment, it’s also a monetary commitment that our fans are making. We need to provide them the best experience we can when they get to Doak Campbell Stadium.”

Alford also addressed the various football scheduling models, including one that would have three permanent opponents. He said ACC administrators have put a number of different options in front of athletics directors and coaches.

“Let’s make sure we have a schedule that creates equity,” Alford said. “I know I’m going to play Miami and Clemson. That’s for the betterment of college football. So what does the rest of Florida State’s schedule look like. And I think it’s important institutionally and for the conference that we we get to these major markets more often, grow the conference brand. Just looking at the analytics. When Florida State is on television, there’s viewership. And that’s good for the conference.”

Below are some time stamps of questions and answers from Alford and the video is at the end of this story.

Open – How do we grow the conference

1:05 – Jim Phillips’ leadership and vision

1:45 – Phillips’ role on NCAA transformation committee

3:10 – How does the ACC grow its brand, how the scheduling model is part of it

4:20 – Eliminating divisions, different scheduling models, necessity of playing Miami and Clemson

6 – How you grow the ACC and college football is increasing TV ratings

6:50 – How can the ACC get more teams in the NCAA Tournament

7:40 – NIL, transfer portal and tampering

10:25 – NIL differentiation state by state

11:30 – FSU can explain Apex program, entrepreneurship classes, NIL education classes

13:05 – The transfer portal needs guardrails

13:45 – New soccer coach Brian Pensky

15:00 – Football operations building, Doak project

16:40 – Founders suites, loge boxes at Doak have sold

18:35 – Basketball recruiting path, premium seating at softball, scoreboards at softball and soccer