Alford gives update on baseball coach search, Culhane’s role

Michael Alford didn’t tip his hand much on the search for a new baseball coach, but the Florida State athletics director stated there is a push to find the right hire.

“It’s going very well,” Alford told the school’s Board of Trustees on Wednesday. “I’ll just leave it at that. It’s not due to lack of interest for the position. We’re just running through our process to make sure we have the very right person with high character to lead this program and to national championship status. And that is our goal. And that is our standard.”

The search has likely ramped up now that Link Jarrett, the head coach of Notre Dame, wrapped up his season at the College World Series on Tuesday. Jarrett said after the game that he has tried his best to keep his focus on Notre Dame’s run, which included a stunning win over No. 1 seed Tennessee.

“I’ve been dealing with that for a while,” Jarrett said. “And my mind has not gone to that place, and I’m not going there with it right now.”

Jarrett’s name has been the constant source of speculation for FSU’s opening and he was previously connected to the Clemson job before the school hired Erik Bakich from Michigan. A year ago, Jarrett’s name also came up in searches.

“I had to deal with it last year,” Jarrett said. “When your program’s doing the right thing, you’re going to have those distractions whether it’s baseball, basketball, football. And I tried with all I had not to go there in my mind. And it was difficult. But I wanted to know, when this thing either ended with a trophy or not, that they were the focus of what I was doing. And they’re just phenomenal. They’re phenomenal human beings.”

Alford dismissed Mike Martin Jr. after three seasons on June 10 following a second season that ended in the regionals.

Culhane’s job responsibilities

Also as part of his update to the BOT, Alford outlined some details of what Jeff Culhane will be responsible for as director of broadcasting. Culhane’s role will expand far beyond calling football and basketball games and even outside athletics.

“The way we described it is a chameleon,” Alford said. “We want this person to not only be able to talk about athletics when they’re out in the community and out representing the university. We want them to also be able to understand what the President’s vision and mission is and be able articulate that when they’re out representing athletics and the university and other entities. And really just be a voice and a face, whether it’s emceeing or hosting shows or doing more than what we’ve done in the past. This is really going to be an extension of our university, not just athletics.”

FSU-LSU ticket update

Alford said FSU has sold 28,697 FSU-LSU tickets. Seating assignments are to come after the request window closes on Friday.