ACC teams push forward in search of non-conference opponents

ACC schools will continue to pursue a non-conference opponent to fill out their 11-game football schedules, commissioner John Swofford said on Friday.

Talking on the Packer & Durham show on the ACC Network, Swofford stated that he thinks each league school will find an opponent to play at home or face a school at a site within the school’s home state. In FSU’s case that would mean the Seminoles must play a game in Tallahassee or play at another school, such as UCF, South Florida, Florida International or Florida Atlantic.

“I think all of our schools are on track to have their one non-conference game,” Swofford said.

Any FSU opponent would need to have a similar COVID-19 testing protocol to what the ACC has in place.

The ACC is forced to make another scheduling adjustment after the SEC’s decision to play league-only games in 2020 on Thursday. Swofford stated he was disappointed in the SEC’s choice but understands why the league chose that path.

ACC schools are slated to begin football games Sept. 7-12 and play 10 league games plus a non-conference game over a 13-week schedule. Each team will have two open dates.

“We also understand that we need to be nimble,” Swofford said. “There may be starts and backups, so to speak. we could lose certain weeks of the schedule. There could be certain teams that are unable to play for a week or two along the way. This schedule and the way it’s structured gives us flexibility to deal with those kinds of situations once we start the season. We know we’re going to have to be nimble. We know there’s no perfect solution to this but I think we are well equipped to move ahead on the path that we’re comfortable with and that is right there out in front of us and adjust if we need to adjust because we have built in open dates for each team.”

Swofford said the deal with Notre Dame in football is not part of a long-term deal. “It’s a one off for this year and these particular circumstances,” Swofford said. He described it as a “win win” for the ACC and Notre Dame.


Analysis: An entertaining schedule, Notre Dame, quarterbacks


  1. steven poirier

    SEC was out foxed by Swofford…..now they are exercising their inflated EGO BY SAYING to the ACC…” you don’t control our destiny…..we will tell you what we will do.” Pure EGO on Sankey’s part….Nothing to do with COVID.

  2. Danny Witt

    Not hard to out fox Swofford. He has allowed ESPN to screw the ACC for years with his exclusive long term GOR and TV contracts. Should have been fired years ago.

  3. Nicholas Cotroneo

    It’s not clear to me that the +1 OOC game is mandatory for each member. At this point, I don’t see the sense of it. Was there a back up plan if the SEC went conference only (which was predicted to happen anyway)? OOC games are hard to schedule and will be impossible to reschedule if there is a cancelled game during the season. No conference leader excelled in this crisis and we now have proof that even in times of a deep crisis, none of the entrenched conference leaders want to work together. Not a single one.


    I am thinking their will be a few non-power 5 schools unable to put together a schedule and just won’t play the season (Boise St? Colorado St? South Florida? Al-Birmingham?) We lure West Virgini to our place

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