Osceola Experience: How to get to Omaha, hotels, what to do

Are you going to Omaha? Thinking about it? 

The Osceola Experience will help those of you who are lucky enough to be able to go make plans. And we’ll ask you to share a little of the local Omaha flavor with the rest of us who will be gathering around the tube to watch. 

Tickets: The NCAA allocation of tickets to the FSU ticket office went fast so here’s your best bet: Go to the NCAA CWS web site where you will find both a primary and secondary market for tickets including experiences. The tickets start at $40 each. 

Flights: If you can’t find what you are looking for right into Omaha, or looking to do it a little less expensively, check fares into Des Moines, Kansas City or Sioux City, which are a few hours away by interstate. I’ve made the 2.5-hour hike from Des Moines when FSU played in Omaha and ran for a National Championship in track several times between games a few years back and it’s a pleasant drive through the Midwest. UPDATE: Sections of interstate between Kansas City and Omaha are closed due to flooding. Check for travel updates before your departure.

Hotels: Game Time Travel has a block of rooms reserved for Seminoles fans (through midnight Thursday) for $212.81 per night in Council Bluffs, Iowa, at the Holiday Inn & Suites with free deluxe breakfast, which is about 2 miles from the TD Ameritrade Stadium. Rooms closer to the stadium are available but run in excess of $350 per night.

What to do: Spend as much time at the ballpark as you can. Be sure to talk to strangers, especially the older locals who have been coming to the “greatest college sports event” their whole lives. Ask them about their favorite memories. Sit back and listen about all the hall of fame players who have graced this event with heroic feats. 

Wherever you go in town, wear your FSU colors and take time to chat with the locals who will welcome you to Omaha and chat you up.

Eat steak. Where? Ask the locals. Everyone has their favorite.

Got kids or have a little kid in you? Check out the Omaha Zoo, which is on the site of the original Rosenblatt Stadium.

Got heart? Be sure to visit Boys Town and take a few minutes to tour the museum and learn all about Father Flanigan’s amazing farm.

Got American Pride? Go to the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum. Visit the Durham Restoration Hangar, located on exit 426, just off interstate I-80, which was the command center for your defense during the Cold War. You’ve heard about ground zero for US defense and probably wondered but its chilling to actually see it. Great aerospace museum too. Invest a few hours to create a lifelong memory. 

Got miles? If you think getting to Omaha was an expedition, visit the Lewis and Clark Headquarters for a frame of reference on their historic journey. You’ll also learn about the Omaha Indians who held council with Lewis and Clark as they planned their trip right here on the banks of the Missouri river. An easy and accessible opportunity on a day between games to make your CWS trip incrementally more memorable.

You can also visit the Old Market, which has shops, restaurants, flea markets and more in an Old West theme.

If you have favorite spots to visit in Omaha, please share them in the comment section below.

If you’re an FSU fan going to Omaha, share some of your experiences and photos from the trip as well as game day at TD Ameritrade Park. We may run them in future days on theOsceola.com. Send your thoughts and photos to [email protected]


  1. Myra Croft

    Thats an awesome abundance of info. Thanks and GoNOLES

  2. Jerry Kutz

    We have eyes and boots on the beach in Omaha (historical tribute to 75th anniversary of “D -Day” intended) to deliver more info throughout the week.
    We encourage you to send notes and pictures about your trip so we can share the fun with everyone.
    At a game watching party? Please share.

  3. Conley Thornhill

    Great job with list of things to do in Omaha ! The Osceola is back !
    Last 3 winners against LSU won the Series ! Dare we dream ?

  4. Rod Meadows

    If you are in Omaha for the game, and you are a train buff, you should be sure to visit Old Union Station near downtown Omaha. Great art-deco style building with a nice train museum inside. Worth an hour or two if you like trains.

  5. Jerry Kutz

    Rod Meadows was one of the Osceola’s first contributing writers. Rod covered baseball for us before moving to the Triangle Area where he became the Voice of the Durham Bulls and later wrote an “Around the ACC” column for the Osceola.

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