2022 prospect evaluations: DT Tygee Hill, OT Leyton Nelson

Florida State head coach Mike Norvell and his staff have continued to extend scholarship offers to recruits from the classes of 2022, 2023 and 2024 over the last month. Osceola Recruiting and Football Analyst Charles Fishbein, President of Elite Scouting Services, Mark Salva, a former FSU offensive lineman and former college coach, and I take a closer look at two prospects: offensive tackle Leyton Nelson and defensive tackle Tygee Hill. Both prospects have received their offer from the Seminoles in the last 10 days.

DT Tygee Hill (6-2, 280) – New Orleans (La.) Edna Karr

Hill reported his FSU offer on Feb. 5. The rising senior is also reported to have offers from Alabama, Colorado, Florida, LSU, Texas, Michigan State and Miami among others. He is rated as a four-star product by 247Sports, which also has him ranked as the 17th-best defensive tackle prospect in the country in the class of 2022, the 11th-best overall prospect from Louisiana and the 226th-best overall prospect in the country.

Here are our thoughts on Hill after evaluating his HUDL highlights:

Charles Fishbein: Hill has quick hands and does a good job of getting off blocks. He plays a little high. Like to see him stay low and play with better leverage. His strength is playing the run. He has the ability to shoot the gaps and get into the backfield. Needs to get bigger and stronger to play at the next level. You will see him zone blitz on some plays, drop into coverage and make plays against the pass. He is a good athlete. Like to see him get more pressure as a pass rusher from the inside.

Mark Salva: Initial impression: Raw talent that is large and hard to move. Great instincts and plays with great effort for a young, big-bodied defensive lineman.

What I Like: I like that he dominates in the run game highlights against offensive linemen that are his equal in size. He maintains gap integrity and moves well laterally down the line of scrimmage. Space eater. You see him diagnose plays fast and feel blocks and react to pressure. For underclassman tape, you see the potential and raw talent. The most encouraging thing is how hard he pursues and actually makes plays down the field. Watch when he engages an offensive lineman, he naturally plays with bent knees and hips, which enables him to maintain a powerful position like when you’re doing a squat and you stay tight in your hips on the way down to explode back up. If he has any kind of work ethic and coaching he’ll be a great interior defensive tackle.

What I don’t see/like/know: I’d like to see him get a little more violent with his hands. Translate the power through his hands. Placement is ok, just a little more shock. Just raw and unrefined but talented.

Patrick Burnham: The first thing that stood out to me on limited sophomore and junior tape is that it looks like he plays within the structure of the defense where he first takes care of his gap responsibility and then will go make a play. He plays with great effort, will chase the ball and has great play recognition as you will see on his highlights when he identifies screens. Projects as a nose tackle based on his highlight tape. Hill is powerful and very effective against the run. He has the ability to split double teams and is hard to move off the line of scrimmage. Hill will need to get better with the use of his hands when taking on blocks and could benefit from playing lower and with better leverage. You don’t get to see him rush the passer much. I am not sure how fast he is or how adding more weight in college would effect his ability to move. Definitely a prospect that could help against the run in college if he continues to grow and develop fundamentally as well as physically.

To view Hill’s HUDL highlights please click on the link below.


OT Leyton Nelson (6-6, 272) – Orlando (Fla.) Boone

Nelson announced his offer from FSU via Twitter on Feb. 10. The rising senior’s recruiting profile has only grown since his Florida State offer with Louisville, Penn State and Kansas State all extending since then. Nelson is reported to have more than a dozen offers from a list of schools that includes Arizona State, Boston College, Cincinnati, Miami, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, UCF and USF.

Here are our thoughts on Nelson after evaluating his HUDL highlights:

Charles Fishbein: You turn on his highlight film and in Leyton’s first clip he comes off the ball and runs out to block a defensive back on a screen play. On this play, Leyton shows his athletic ability. He is a big, athletic lineman. You watch him in pass pro and Nelson sets up well. He has great lateral quickness. He does a great job of getting to the second level. You will see him engage a defender and drive them off the ball. His technique is very good. You watch him and Nelson can bend very well. He is not stiff. He also has elite level foot quickness.

Mark Salva: Initial impression: Leyton is a no-brainer. Elite size/length. Love his build and athleticism. Reminds me of David Williams from Lakeland, who I played against in the mid 80’s and went on to be an All-American at Florida and All-Pro for the Houston Oilers.

What I Like: Nice frame and great length. He has that powerful look to his hips in contrast to one like Rod Orr that has a real “athletic” look to his bottom half. Not better, just different. He moves extremely well, especially for his height and size. Fluid runner in space with really good balance, bend and body control. Translates into pass protection, where you see him balance and control with good change of direction and his length shows up, especially in his wingspan. In the run game, he covers guys up really well, you don’t see him on the edges of guys and maintains foot pressure, which speaks to his foot speed. Good feel and technique for junior film. 

What I don’t see/like/know: I don’t see really quick or explosive hips in the run game. Kind of “oozes” off the ball a little and comes off a little high. Things that can be coached.

Patrick Burnham: Nelson has great size, length and athleticism. He has really good feet and runs extremely well. Nelson plays with great effort, physicality and works hard to sustain and finish blocks. Has good body control out in space when out on the second or third level attempting to make a block. He is very good at reaching the defensive end and walling him off and giving his running backs the room to get out on the edge of the defense. He does bend well but would like to see him sit in his stance a little more in pass protection, but he didn’t get overextended on his highlight tape. Has very could lateral movement in pass protection. Nelson will of course only improve as a player as he continues to learn how to operate in his large frame, which he can add considerable size to, and as he adds strength and becomes more technically sound. A lot to like here as either right or left tackle prospect. Looks to be a guy that FSU would take right away if they can secure a commitment from Nelson.

To view Nelson’s HUDL highlights please click on the link below.